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You can cycle fantastic here, there is little traffic on the small roads.
For this you need a bicycle with multiple gears, or a bicycle with electric assistance.

There are several options for cycling here.
First cycle out of the valley from the campsite, or drive out of the valley by bike on the car, and then continue cycling.
It's hillier there.

Op  28 km from the campsite electric bicycles for rent.

Popular routes with the racing bike are e.g. Puy Mary, Col du Pas de Peyrol
(Tour de France).

Mountain bikes are also used here.
In the area there are several routes of different distances and difficulty.

It is also possible to cycle over the abandoned railway line with the bicycle train (or draisine).
This can be done with or without electrical support. Distance there and back: 7 km.

De held van de dag !.jpg
Foto fietstrein.jpg
kom fietsen in deze heuvelachtige omgeving, in alle rust fietsen op landelijke wegen
fietsen natuur, rust, klimmen
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